Jack in the Box was formed by brothers Rune and Frode Lamøy in 1990 and along came bassplayer and wordsmith, Per Kirknes and singer Eric Si. The band was discovered by TNT guitar player, Ronnie Le Tekrø, and released their first EP "Rockjumping" in 1993 which was received very well. Two years later, now with Victor Borge handling the bass, Jack in the Box were ready to release their full album "Stigma", a CD many still acclaimes as a Norwegian metal classic.
Jack in the Box 1995 (photo: Aina Griffin)
The album got rave reviews and in Britains biggest metal magazine, Kerrang!, it was awarded 5 out of 5 K's.

"Totally at ease with the nuances of melody, harmony and groove, the combination of Siʼs distinctive vocal chords and the usually manic guitar of Rune Lamøy really make this album extremely special. Jack in the Box are the group to put Norway back on the Rock map."

A low budget video for the song "French Fries For Breakfast" was produced and this was one of few Norwegian music videos to be seen on MTV at that time.
The band ended in 1997 when Rune, Frode and Victor formed Autopulver. Now, Jack in the Box has reunited and recently did a successfull sold-out comeback gig in Oslo. At the same time, the band re-released a 2 CD version of their classic album containing bonus material such as old demoes and the "Rockjumping" EP. The album titled "Stigma MMX" is now available in most territories as well as full digital distribution.
"Stigma MMX" (2010)
The band did their final gig in Drammen on November 5th before breaking up in December to pursuit other projects. Rune, Bjørn and Frode will form a new band in 2011.
Jack in the Box, comeback gig at Gamla, Oslo, March 19, 2010 (photo: Viggo Næss).

2010 line-up

Rune Lamøy (foto: Viggo Næss)
Frode Lamøy (foto: Kine Lamøy)
Lars Eikind (foto: Viggo Næss)
Victor Borge (foto: Viggo Næss)
Bjørn Rummelhoff-Hansen (foto: Viggo Næss)