Jack in the Box is history

Oslo, December 2010

Rune, Bjørn and Frode have decided to form a new band in 2011. This means Jack in the Box have done their last show and call it quits for good. A new album was due for next year, but now there will be a new band instead. Victor will be very busy with TNT as they will release a new (classic!) album around New Year's Eve. Also, Lars and his bandmates in Finland will release a new Before The Dawn album this spring.

The line-up for the new band now being formed by Rune, Bjørn and Frode is not complete yet. Please follow us on Facebook or sign up for the newsletter to get updates on this new project.

It's been an exiting comeback-year with the re-release and gigs taking place and Jack in the Box would like to finish off with a big shout out to old and new fans for making it possible.

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